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“Indigenous People in University is not the same as an Indigenous University”

On the 9th to 12th of April the Federation of Indigenous Organizations of the Rio Negro (FOIRN) and Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) gathered representatives from several indigenous groups, NGOs and academics from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Scotland and Norway to the seminar named World Management: Knowledge and Practices of the People of Rio Negro. The seminar gave continuity to the discussion about an indigenous higher education in Rio Negro in the North-West Amazon.

Expedition to Forest Restoration Projects in the Headwaters of Xingu

On the 4th to 10th of October, 27 people from different entities visited forest restoration projects in the headwaters of Xingu in the state of Mato Grosso, on the invitation by ISA. The restoration projects are results of the Y Ikatu Xingu campaign, aimed at saving the waters of the Xingu River in the Amazon. 'Y Ikatu Xingu' means “good water, clean water of the Xingu” in the local indigenous language Kamaiurá.

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