Under Bolsonaro, illegal mining in the Kayapó Indigenous Land has exceeded by 30% the total destroyed in the last 40 years

In manifest, 60 villages of the Kayapó people repudiate a bill that intends to legalize mining in their territories; more than 5,700 illegal mining outbreaks were detected between 2018 and 2020 in Indigenous Lands and Conservation Units in the Xingu basin

Deforestation in the Xingu river basin advances with the Bolsonaro government and puts at risk a 'green shield' against the desertification of the Amazon

Monitoring of the Xingu + Network shows that, between 2018 and 2020, 513,500 hectares were deforested in the Xingu basin, equivalent to six times the city of New York (USA). One of the epicenters was a forest strip that maintains the humidity of the biome

Scars in the forest: illegal gold mining advanced 30% in the Yanomami Indigenous Land in 2020

A new survey reveals the proliferation of new bases of invaders in closer proximity to the indigenous communities, including groups of isolated indigenous groups, and the opening of new routes into the territory

Great Return: riverines conquer the right to return to their territory after being removed by Belo Monte dam, in Brazil

The movie released today (24) tells the Riverine Council’s trajectory. In spite of the obligation imposed by the licensing agency, the company Norte Energia has been refusing to comply with the determination even five years after the Operation License.