Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

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The indigenous team in Brazil of Instituto Socioambiental is a national reference for the production , analysis and quality information on Indigenous Peoples in Brazil. Produces specific sites on them with updated information in the form of articles and news.

Staff members: 
Fany Pantaleoni Ricardo
Anthropologist, Coordinator
Bruno Bevilacqua Aguiar
Social Scientist, Assistant Technical Research and Environmental Development
Tatiane Klein
Anthropologist and journalist, Technical Research and Environmental Development
Isabel Harari
Technical Research and Environmental Development
Rafael Pacheco Martinho
Mariana Reinach
Gustavo Rubio Claret Pereira
Partnerships and Funding sources: 
ICCO - Organização Intereclesiástica para Cooperação ao Desenvolvimento (Holanda)
Institutional Support
NCA (Norwegian Church Aid/Ajuda da Igreja da Noruega - AIN)
Institutional Support
Embaixada da Noruega
Financial Support
Cafod - Agência Católica para o Desenvolvimento /Fundo de Pequenos Projetos
Financial Support