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ISA’s policy of partnerships is based on implementing its mission to defend the collective rights of traditional populations and diffuse environmental rights. ISA gives priority to actions that involve demonstration projects, public awareness campaigns, fieldwork, and partnership programs, combining various types of activity spanning the local, regional, national, and international levels.

The Socio-Environmental Institute views its local partners as essential to its problem-solving strategy. Teams from local organization work jointly with ISA’s teams in formulating projects as well as implementing and administering the activities that are planned and reviewed every three years. ISA’s strategy also includes national and international partners, which contribute to its activities and participate in discussions of socio-environmental problems in Brazil.

Institutional Partnership

Financial assistance not related to activities, projects and programs.

Nome do Parceiro
ICCO (Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation)
NCA (Norwegian Church Aid)
Partnership in Programme Support

Financial contribution related to programs.

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Embaixada da Noruega
RFN (Rainforest Foundation Norway/)
Fundação Ford
Horizont 3000/Climate Alliance
Sector partnership
Financial contribution related to specific projects .
Nome do Parceiro
Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico Nacional (Iphan)
Natura Cosméticos
Instituto Ventura de Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobrás
Fundo Amazônia/BNDES
Secretaria de Politicas de Promoção da Igualdade Racial
Aecid - Agencia de Cooperação Espanhola
Secretaria da Cultura - SP
CAFOD - Agência Católica para o Desenvolvimento
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
CLUA - Climate and Land Use Alliance
The Forest Trust/JYSK
FEHIDRO - Fundo Estadual de Recursos Hídricos
Fundo Nacional do Meio Ambiente
Iniciativa Verde
Afras - Associação Franquia Solidária
Instituto Arapyau
Associação Núcleo Oikos
Manos Unidas
EDF (Environmental Defense Fund)
Fundação Avina
Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário
Fundação Banco do Brasil
Ministério do Meio Ambiente/PNUD
Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade (Funbio)
MJ/CFDD - Fundo de Direitos Difusos
Fundo Vale para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Mott Foundation